Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet Bryce!

Well, I haven't blogged in awhile...1. because I am just really bad at keeping up with this, and 2. because I spent most of December laid up in bed pregnant, sick, and miserable (bronchitis, the flu, AND bilateral pink eye all in a row, spanning about a 20 day period).  It.Was.Miserable.  Making matters worse, was the fact that I had to cancel a previously scheduled induction on December 29, b/c my OB just didn't think I was ready. I was okay with this, b/c honestly I did not want to be induced. I wasn't induced with Zoe or Reese, and I really like the idea of babies coming when they are ready.  The only reason it was scheduled is so I would have him this calander year, saving myself an expensive 2012 deductible, when my 2011 was already met.  That being said, I was CONVINCED he would still make an appearance in December. After all, my due date was January 6, and both my girls were a week early.  I mean this was my third baby... aren't they supposed to come super early and just walk out by now??? Nope, I was wrong.  My due date nearly came and went... but finally on the night of January 6, I started having regular contractions at about 7 pm.  Bryce was born January 7 at 11:56 am... I will spare the rest of the details... but a third baby and a 17 hour labor???  Really?!?  Let's just say it wasn't fun... but he was worth all the pain, and every dollar of my deductable... look how cute he is!! I have to say, Jay and I make some cute babies :)  When I get a chance, I will have to post newborn pics of all the kiddos to see how much they look alike.  Bryce definately looks  more like Zoe than Reese, but he also has a look all his own (and that look is super handsome!) ;)

JANUARY 7, 2012
11:56 AM
8 pounds 1 ounce

That face!!!!!!!!

Future baseball star...or quarterback...or NBA player ;)


6 days after Bryce's birth was Zoe's 4th birthday.  Me, being the all-knowing mom that I am had sent out birthday invitations for a party on Friday the 13th, thinking B would be weeks old by then!  HA!  None the less, we decided to go on with the party.  Luckily my in-laws were in town and were a HUGE help.  Could not have done it without them.  They took turns watching Bryce in the car while we had Zoe's party at Gatti Town Frisco (which I would highly reccomend, btw).  Here are some shots from that...

 First family photo with the 5 of us

 Dora theme!  (and I hate Dora...)

 Reese was kind of in a mood, but she looked awesome in her new aviators!

 Waiting for the guests

 It wouldn't be a party without Ella!

Zoe with her buddies... and she wore that party hat the whole time.

I really wanted a Christmas baby... thought that would be so cool!  But, obviously that didn't happen.  Here is a shot from Christmas morning though.  We had an awesome Christmas just the 4 of us at home in McKinney.  Nice and "quiet."
Jay is so lucky to have such a sexy wife ;)

Now that B is here it is time to swing into a new routine.  Today is my 2nd day alone at home with the 3 of them... so far so good.  Jay took Zoe to gymnastics this morning, which was great b/c she really needed to get out of the house.  We really haven't left since we got home from the hospital because Bryce is supposed to stay out of the public for at least 4 weeks.  This is killing me b/c I get cabin fever real fast.  The girls are so great with him though, they are absolutely obsessed with him. 

Of note, Zoe just walked up to me with her shirt off and a baby doll on her breast that she informed me is "eating"... monkey see, monkey do! hahaha.