Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bye Bye Binkie

Let me just start off by saying (again), that I am never ever moving again.  A little advice to all of you thinking of moving, if you have 3 kids and/or an infant... DON'T DO IT!   We have been here almost exactly a month, and I would say most of our boxes are still sitting in the garage.  Pathetic confession:  I have spent close to an hour searching through boxes in the garage for a single item.  Yes, I know, I could have unpacked several of those boxes in that time.  Sad, but true.  Oh well, it will get done.  Eventually.  Right now I am perfectly content spending my evenings watching The Voice from my comfy sofa. It's fall ya'll!  Must see TV!!!!!!!!!!!! 
That's my house update.
Other business:  REESE IS A BIG GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have taken the binkie away, and I swear that child is happier without it...and she can speak! It all happened one day about two weeks ago.  She threw about a gazillion tantrums in a single day over not being able to find her binkie.  I was going nuts listening to her scream while frantically searching for any pacifier I could get my hands on.  That night, I couldn't find one at all.  I have no idea what happened to them.  It was bedtime, Reese was throwing a fit, Jay was at baseball practice, and there was  no binkie in sight.  Somehow I managed to calm Reese down long enough to tell her about the "Binkie Fairy."  For those of you who have never met the Binkie Fairy, let me tell you, she is awesome.  If you will give up all your binkies to her so she can take them to the newborn little babies, then she will leave you a super fabulous gift like a Hello Kitty balloon and some M&M's.  Get this, she will even remember big sister;)  Somehow we managed to get Reese to bed that night sans pacifier, and sure enough....

Shockingly, Reese really hasn't had a problem without her binkie.  Sleeping or otherwise... and this was a girl who pretty much spent all day with one in each hand, and a third in her mouth.  ALL.DAY.LONG.  Who knew???

Some other updates:

We are loving the new house.  Here is Bryce having some summer fun in the back yard.
I really do think he's the next Brad Pitt.  THAT FACE!!!!!!!!!

He loves water

Here are some pics of Bryce and his new favorite thing.  Being pulled around in a toy wagon by his big sisters.  This has entertained us for multiple afternoons.
 Who me???
Not really sure when the tamborine came into play...
Bryce has been teething for about 2 weeks now, and he is miserable.  He is getting 3 in all at one time.  This will give him a total of 5 (he is 8 months old).  All of my children had full sets of teeth by their first birthdays.

Here's a couple of funny photos from bath time...
 She is my moody child

 All eyes on me, in the center of the ring, just like a cir-cus!!!!!