Saturday, September 17, 2011


Someday I may be able to get my children to smile "naturally" (ha!), and keep their eyes open for the cameras... until then, here are some funny photos for your viewing pleasure...

Say "CHEESE!" or Not....

At least we are looking in the same direction this time...

The "stink eye" from Zoe...and Reese has just heard a dog barking down the street...

Better... now if we could just open up our eyes!

Nice face, Reese :)
Oh, and Go Red Raiders!!! Hope we have a great season!  So glad VS is playing the game today!

Monday, September 12, 2011

IT'S A.......................

I just realized that not everyone knows we found out the sex of the baby... and that it's a (brace yourself!!) BOY!  Jay and I talked real big for the first 21 weeks and said we were going to let the sex of the baby be a surprise... but that lasted until about 5 minutes before the sonogram;)  Hey, it's still a surprise at 21 weeks, right???



Isn't he so handsome already??? I told Jay he should look like me, b/c I think I would make a very handsome boy... I think he was offended.... can't imagine why!! Hee Hee ;) 

Jay (of course) is extrmemely excited, but not bouncing off the walls like I had expected... I think I am more excited than him!!!  This is completely new and foreign territory to me.  Being a girl myself, having nothing but sisters and daughters... I just can't wait to meet him!

 Nearly 24 weeks...indcuction scheduled for December 29... hope he comes before that b/c I don't want to be induced!


Zoe had her 2nd day of preschool today.  Her teacher had nothing but GREAT things to say about her!!  I am so proud of her.  I will have to pick her up a little surprise for Wed for being so good. 
I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and she said, "getting to use my nap mat!!"  She thinks her nap mat is so cool, and even sleeps on it at home in her bed!!! It is so funny.  I asked her if she slept at nap time and she said, "NO! but Dalton did!!!!"  Then she preceeded to laugh hysterically... hmmmm... better watch out for this Dalton character ;)

While Zoe was gone Reesie took an extra long nap (YEAH!), and I joined her... then when she woke up I put a giant bow in her hair and took some pictures... she is such a sweet and beautiful girl!! 

Here she is playing in a a puddle in the backyard... she will be entertained for awhile doing this!  I just turn the hose on, and get a nice big puddle for her! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zoe starts preschool!!

So today Zoe finally started preschool.  I can't blog like some of the other moms and say I was so sad to see her go... I quite enjoyed my free time:)  She is just going twice a week anyways.  Zoe absolutley loves being around other kids and making friends, so I knew she would love preschool.  I have looked into putting her into MDO for nearly 2 years now, but just never pulled the trigger.  I guess I never really felt right about it, since technically I am not a "full time" SAHM... working every Friday or so.  I guess I  never thought I deserved that time to myself.  Well I deserve it now!!!!!!  If I had an extra $200 laying around I would enroll Reese too:) 

Is this the cutest kid or what???

Ready to go!!!!  Had to take these pictures super fast since we were running late after I spent about 15 minutes frantically looking for my keys, only to find them outside on one of my porch chairs... glad we all woke up alive this morning!  Geez!  Where is my brain??

Zoe's first day went great.  She has 16 kids in her class and 2 amazing teachers.  You can really tell they love what they do which I think is so cool.  Also, Zoe is already "Bear of the Week" in her class!! Such an amazing accomplishment!! Okay, they are doing it alphabetically by last name, but still ;)  This just means she gets to stand in the front of the line all next week, have a special spot next to the teacher during "circle time," and Mommy gets to provide all the food for snack time next week... HOORAY!  Can't wait for her to have her first full week next week!!   *side note:  Jay is sitting next to me joking that I can't wait to have Zoe out of the house next week, and "can anyone take Reese for me too??" hahaha... such a jerk!*