Monday, March 4, 2013

Birthday Bonanza

Just a quick post and some photos from Zoe and Bryce's birthdays.  Mostly from Bryce's because for some reason I only took a couple of pictures at Zoe's party.
It was insane planning and celebrating Christmas plus two birthdays all less than 3 weeks apart, so I was slacking a bit by the time we reached Zoe's birthday.  She still had a blast with her "Princess and the Pop Star" pizza party with all her school friends.
"Happy Birthday" baseball banner, a free printable I found here

So easy to make, and turned out really cute

party favors

A few of daddy's baseballs on display and some yummy food

3 generations of Alsups

Baseball cake pops from Black Flour!  So so good!!

He loves cake

I would love to know what is happening here...


Barbie!  ( the "popstar")

Must have been a rocking party

Happy 5th!