Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Spring Fling!

Spring has been here in the DFW area for awhile now... with beautiful weather and perfect temperatures!  A couple of weeks ago me and some friends took the opportunity to meet at The Preserve at Arbor Hills in Plano and have a little picnic lunch and let the kiddies play. 
The best part of this playdate was seeing some of my old nursing friends from Zale.  I LOVE these girls.  Even though we don't see each other often, we always pick up right where we left off.  We all just get along so well, with similar personalities.  Makes sense...after all, we chose the same career path (nursing), the same specialty (ICU), and the same facility (Zale Lipshy)...there is something to be said for friends who have similar life paths as you:) 
In true Zale fashion everyone was a good half hour late.  Britney (who I should have warned) was the first one there... I came next, about 20 minutes later than our planned meet time, and everyone else trickled in after that.  Everyone had a great time!

Reese in the swing

Why so serious?

Why is Ella having more fun than me??

This photo is just cute

Of course it wouldn't be a playdate if we didn't violate poor Ella...

Here's my curly sue...
Zoe and good buddy Barret!

Slide time!

Reese, Ella, and Brooke (it was Brooke's 2nd birthday!!)

Happy Gabe!

Zoe and Reese were kind enough to let Ella play with their trash...that's about as good as their sharing gets!

How beautiful is sweet Madeline Miller??

A lot of people keep asking me how it's been with 3 kids.  I'm not going to lie, it hasn't been easy.  The funny thing is, when I just have 2 of them with me it seems so EASY to get out and get things done (something I thought was SO HARD when there really was just two of them)  I remember thinking how hard having one baby was, until I had 2!! Funny how things work like that.  So, here is my new plan... I need to borrow someone's kid for a week or so (Callum,  maybe??) so that I realize how easy 3 kids are, after having 4!!! haha... I think that's a plan that just might work;)

Meet Sweet Callum!

Here is my VERY FIRST (blood) nephew!  I was so excited when he was born.  Especially since Kristen was in labor for like 36 hours and the anticipation was killing me!!!!!  I am sure it was worse for her, but still...;)  Callum Aaron Duncan was born February 18, 2012 and weighed 8 pounds and 1 ounce.  Exactly the same as Reese and Bryce!! Must be a genetic thing;) 

Really, have you ever seen a cuter face??

You can see here that Callum already looks up to big cousin Bryce

Not sure, but I think Callum maybe be trying to punch B in the face here...

Here are all the "Carpenter" grandbabies... from left to right: Zoe, Reese, Bryce, and Callum.  3/4 of them are mine!! HA!

Jay and I were at the Lady Antebellum concert when he was born (my Christmas present from Jay), which was AWE-SOME.  He got us floor seats right by the stage.  The only thing seperating me from Hilary (who I love...and I now have bangs just like hers!), was the rail:)  I would love to post pics, but I think they are all on my Android, which I ran over last month... whoopsie.