Thursday, February 23, 2012

I have been meaning to post this video for awhile... especially for the grandparents because I know they will love it!  It is a sweet video of the girls at the park, and I am glad I captured it on film, because God knows I pull it out and watch it whenever I am ready to pull my hair out over bad behavior, etc. 

This was taken right before little Reese got sick.  She has been sick for exactly a week now, with 104 degree fevers, cough, and rash... :(

The next one is a video of Reese's new favorite trick

She is such a funny little booger! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

B's Nursery

When I started working on Bryce's nursery, I hadn't planned on finding out the sex of the baby, so I was going for "gender neutral."  I was going to paint the walls blue "just in case..." and decided on classic winnie-the-pooh... what is more gender neutral than pooh bear??? Well, we all know that I found out the sex... so the nursery wound of being part pooh bear, part baseball.  I love the way it turned out, and how bright and colorful it is.

Color!  Same nursery furniture used in both girls room.  I love it with the blue:)

There is actually a white vinyl wall art over the crib with a winnie-the-pooh quote "sometimes the smallest things in life take up the most room in your heart."  I was so dissapointed it didn't show up on the blue walls...I may re-order it in a navy...

Love this mirror I got from Tuesday Morning

Night stands from IKEA

Scrapbook paper in IKEA and cute! 

Aunt Denise made my seat cushion, and I love it! Hi Pooh and friends!

Baseball + Pooh

I cut these pictures out of an old Winnie-the-Pooh book I got at the used bookstore for $3!  Score!

Alphabet print is from an Etsy shop... the quote on the right is Christopher Robin to Pooh ( <3), and I found it for free on a blog! 

Another Etsy purchase...

Beautiful quilt my MIL made for Bryce...she hadn't even seen the nursery, but colors turned out perfect!

I joke with Jay that it is a good thing Bryce FINALLY got here, b/c I pretty much spent the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy online buying things for Bryce and Reese's room!  Now that he is here I may have saved myself from bankruptcy;)  Reese's room is adorable, and I can't wait to post pics, but I still need to get a few things... right now Reese is still sleeping in the crib (which is now in Bryce's room)... b/c that wild child is just not ready to be realeased from behind bars.  B is in our room.


Little man

At his one month checkup, B was 9 pounds 13 ounces, and 22 inches long...His pediatrician was super impressed that he was smiling and cooing genius! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Party of Five

Well, tomorrow Bryce will be one month old, and yes, time has flown.  Adjusting hasn't been as hard as I expected it to be, but that's not to say it hasn't been hard at all!  The hardest part about having multiple children is having to share your attention.  I am not able to give Bryce nearly as much attention as the girls got as infants (*tear*), poor Reesie is stuck right in the middle (and only a tender 20 months old herself~ still a baby!), and Zoe is often left playing by herself (or fighting and screaming with Reese...)  If only there was three of me!!!!!!!!  I am sure you can imagine how much time this gives me for attention to myself... let's just say I haven't looked or smelled my prettiest this past month.  I am excited to get back in shape though... the new Spring styles look so cute! 
Luckily, people have been so thoughtful.  We have had tons of dinners brought to the house by my MOPS group, church, and friends.  I have TONS of thank you cards to get out ( I promise I will!), not to mention the birth announcements... oh, now I just stressed myself out:/
The second hardest part has been going ANYWHERE that involves a vehicle.  Getting 3 kids 4 and under in and out of a car is a challenge!  I have been using Jay's Tahoe b/c it has third row seating, and the car seats are too big for my Fusion (Love that car!  Reccomend to anyone!)... but I don't like using it... it is a pain to get the girls out of the very back.  Luckily, we will be replacing Reese's giant Britax car seat with a cheaper/smaller one, so they can all fit in the back of my car. 

We kept B in for 4 weeks, just like the pediatrician said, and finally made a trip out to Target the other night with our whole crew.  Oh Lord, it was a sight.  First of all, it was a bad idea to go so close to dinner/bed time.  Reese was IN. A. MOOD.  We had the girls in a double stroller, and B was strapped to me in the Baby Bjorn (I love keeping my babies close in that snuggly!  Def the best baby invention ever!)  Reese had a giant melt down about 5 minutes into the store, and there is nothing more embarassing than having a toddler scream, while a 4 year old yells her requests out to be heard over the screaming, and a brand new infant is strapped to your chest... I felt like the entire store was looking at me and thinking, "Oh my God, look at that young girl and all her kids!  She needs that many kids like she needs a whole in her head!  Someone sterilize her!!"  Jay assures me that this is not true, but I am pretty sure he is wrong.  (Also, I hope they were referring to me as "young," but that may just be a fantasy now...)  Still not 30 until August!

Now it is Monday (sigh)... I am back on my own again...  I took Zoe to preschool this morning, and we passed a little girl wearing a fancy red dress and sparkly red shoes:
Zoe, "Mommy!  That girls looks even prettier than I do!!"
Me (whispering) "She is very pretty, but not as pretty as you!"

I can't imagine where she gets her vanity  killer confidence from...;)

Such a handsome little fellow...

Sports Center with Dad...

About to head to PNO (YEAH!) ;)
My days tend to look a lot less like this...

...and a lot more like this! haha... Oh, Reese...
Hanging with Grandpa