Monday, July 16, 2012

The Big Move Part 1

Well, I guess "big move" is a little bit of an over statement since our new house is probably hardly 5 miles from our old house.  Well, it's not ours yet... we have a contract on it.  In the mean time we are staying at (drum roll please) an extended stay!!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!  Jay and I have discussed moving for the past two or three years, but never pulled the trigger.  Every summer we have our realtor come take a look at the house, discuss how the market is, and then decide, Nah...  We never intended to stay in our house forever, and now finally seemed like the right time.  Super low interest rates + Zoe starts K in a year *tear.*  We sold our house in 2 days, and the new buyers wanted to close ASAP... that I was not prepared for.  Less than a month later, here I am, homeless :(  Our room is basically a one bedroom furnished apt...yes, with 5 people living in it... and MEG!  I shouldn't complain because it is only temporary, and some people have permanent conditions way worse than this... BUT, sweet little Reese keeps wandering around the room aimlessly, then looking at me with her big eyes and saying, "Momma, wanna go hooome."  Awwwwwwwwwww... this is especially heartbreaking since Reese rarely speaks in sentences, so she has something important to say when she does.  I.E... a favorite is "Momma, Where is my BINK-EEE???" 

Here is why my hosue sold in 2's BEAUTIFUL!!! Iam biased, I know.  I had a chest heaving/sobbing meltdown the day we left... I am a creature of habit, and leaving the house was really hard.  I will probably be in my next house until my kids place me in a "home," or I become insanely wealthy.

My current "home sweet home"

Reese about 2 minutes after declaring she "wanted to go home."  She went and curled up on the sofa!! Heartbreaking!!!

Well, you can't see Bryce very well because of the flash.  He had finally fallen asleep after I walked him around for about half an hour.  He is so out of his element.

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